The St. Johns County Library at Ponte Vedra Beach is a remarkable place with a remarkable story, It began in 1983, in the Palm Valley Community Center. Books came from donors; volunteers made up the staff. Soon the library moved to the St. Johns County Annex. One room, one librarian, one desk – and a small collection of books. It was intended to be a temporary move, but time passed and plans were placed on hold.

In 1989, the Friends of the Library went to work, spurring County officials to get their new building off the drawing board. An ingenious land swap meant a more spacious site. Events were held. Donations were raised. Two hundred and fifty library supporters formed a caravan and secured $350,000 for new books. Spring of 1993 saw the dedication of our new 10,000 square foot building. The County built the building, the Friends brought it to life.


Our mission is to make the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch of the St.Johns County Library System an outstanding educational, cultural, civic and recreational center for the community.

This will be achieved by providing supplemental books, materials, volunteers and programs; fundraising and advocating on behalf of the Ponte Vedra Beach Branch Library.

By enlisting support of all those dedicated to disseminating knowledge, we believe the community will be enhanced and enriched.